Aspiring Yoga Instructor Performs a Series of Complex Poses to Help Others Find Self-Acceptance

Heidi Williams, a brave survivor of PTSD, anxiety, depression and rape, turned to yoga to help quiet her mind and body from the trauma. As she grew more proficient in the practice, she found that she was growing more accepting of herself and wanted to share this with others who faced many of the same challenges as she. In addition to starting a support group through Facebook, Williams had herself photographed performing a gorgeous series of complicated poses that would serve to inspire others to find the self-healing and self-acceptance that she found through yoga.

It was in this place of mental illness hell that I found yoga and grace. Yoga brought me to a safe place again. A place of peace and self-acceptance. Grace carried me through and gave me strength to be able to identify and remove the massive emotional blocks that had derailed my life two years earlier. …I was able to heal from my mental illnesses and have now dedicated my life and career to helping others through the self-healing process. I plan to do my yoga teacher training next spring and create therapeutic yoga classes and retreats specifically designed for depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

via Mantra Yoga, My Modern Met