Ask Dr. Hal at The Odeon Bar

Ask Dr. Hal

Ask Dr. Hal takes place every Wednesday night at The Odeon Bar in San Francisco.

Simone sums it up quite well:

Ask Dr. Hal Show can be see every single solitary week (except when they don’t feel like it) at the Odeon Bar at Mission and Valencia (yes they do) in San Francisco.

Hal and Chicken sit up onstage and are bombarded with sealed envelopes containing questions from the audience. Chicken opens and reads the question, and Hal answers the question in his inimitable Hal way.

If the necessary honorarium included with the question is sufficient, the audience is treated to a Bardic Recitation of Hal’s Choice. Once someone gave fifty buck and Hal recited, in its entirety, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, from memory, with all the voices, bringing the bar to a shrieking collapse upon his completion.

Anyhow the show is every wednesday around Nineish pm at The Odeon Bar; On the First Wednesday of every month Chicken gets the bus out and we all go bowling after the show. We pretty much just load the entire bar into the bus and take off for Daly City. It’s great.

Pete Goldie offers up these additional reasons to attend:

Challenge Dr. Hal to a Mental Wrestling Match… and Lose!

Come see KROB wear his Happy Jammies on Stage!

Witness YoYo King David Cappuro Crawl Inside Chicken John’s Head… WITHOUT LEAVING A MARK!

Marvel at the Gargantuan Special Effects of Diminutive Soundman Jascha!

Fight Back the Gag Reflex as You Down Fernet-Branca!

Here are some photos from Ask Dr. Hal from 2003, 2004 & 2005

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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