The Artwork Forge II, A Whimsical Robotic Shed That Creates Custom Art Based Upon Compiled Data

Artwork Forge

Installation artist Toby Fraley, who we’ve previously written about, has created “The Artwork Forge II“, a whimsical turquoise blue shed that sits in front of City Hall in Palo Alto, California and creates custom artwork for just four quarters. The produced image is based upon compiled data gathered from a series of questions. With this adorable installation, Fraley questions the role of technology in art, the same question that was asked in the short film “Way to Artist”.

This public art piece simulates the experience of commissioning an original artwork by compiling data from your personal preferences, social media, news trends and celebrated masterworks of art. The result is a textbook-perfect work. But does it have soul? What does a human bring to works of art that a machine will never be able to produce?

Artwork Forge II City Hall

Artwork Wet Hanging Towel

Interior Artwork Forge

Welcome to the Artwork Forge

photos via Toby Fraley

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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