Artisto, An App That Filters Videos Into Different Artistic Styles Using an Artificial Neural Network

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Artisto is a new app that filters videos into different artistic styles using an artificial neural network. The app handles video similar to the way the Prisma app handles still images. Artisto seems to acknowledge the similarity because one of the filters users can choose is called “Prisma.”

Artisto is a video editing app that lets you artistically video-capture the world around you. If you have ever heard (and nowadays who has not?) about neural networks and artificial intelligence, this is exactly the combination of the two, but the real marvel only reveals itself when you try it. Better get the app now and find out yourself that the Future of videos has already arrived, with the sophisticated technology contributing to the fantastic output.

Artisto Man Split View Artisto Water Split View

Artisto Woman Side by Side Artisto Filters

via Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover