Artist Ties Herself to 20,000 Helium-Filled Balloons That Kept Her Floating in Mid-Air For 48 Hours

In September 2016, British artist Noëmi Lakmaier tied herself to 20,000 helium-filled balloons, which kept her afloat for 48 hours in a live art installation entitled “Cherophobia“. Lakmaier repeated the show in September 2017 at the Sydney Opera House in Australia where she stayed afloat for nine hours.

It is an attempt to lift the artist’s bound and immobilised body off the ground using 20,000 helium party balloons.Cherophobia? is a performance and a gathering, a one­ off event that intertwines people in their shared suspense and anticipation. It takes its title from a psychiatric condition, defined as ‘an exaggerated or irrational fear of gaiety or happiness’