Art On Fire! The 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exposition

Art On Fire!

Art On Fire! The 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exposition takes place this Thursday, May 18th through Saturday, May 20th at Monster Park in San Francisco. This is a large scale Burning Man event that will feature a tremendous amount of fire-themed art and performances as well as helping to promote and provide education about fire art. Here’s the full schedule and ticket information. This event also serves as a benefit for The Black Rock Arts Foundation to help raise funds for public art grants.

Experience this quintessentially San Francisco art experience, an exciting and incendiary exhibition of innovative and inspiring fire art! Ranging in nature from meditative and quietly interactive to spectacular, high-tech and utterly indefinable – these featured works of art and choreographed fire performances are pushing the boundaries of art internationally. Please join us for this landmark event as the City of San Francisco provides a forum to recognize artists working in this exciting and unique medium!

$teven Ra$pa adds:

First, I take perverse pleasure in saying, “This will be the largest amount of fire in San Francisco since this city burned to the ground 100 years ago!” Only this will be the good kind! CREATIVE and joyful rather than destructive. It will be an exhibit of spectacular fire artwork and performance. And if all goes well and according to plan, it will help forge positive working relations between the SFFD and the many fire artists living here. It’s important, it’s worthwhile AND it’s going to be extraordinary. SF needs to create a space for something like this and now is our chance to build it with the blessing of the City.

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