ARST ARSW, All of the English Dialogue From ‘Star Wars’ Broken Down into Single Words & Sorted Alphabetically

Pittsburgh computer scientist Tom Murphy (a.k.a. “Tom 7“) has taken all of the English dialogue from Star Wars, broke it down into single words, and then sorted them alphabetically. The end result of his labor is an incredible 43-minute re-edited video titled “ARST ARSW.”

Fun facts:
The word “lightsaber” only appears once in this film.
There are 43m5s of spoken English, 81m39s of other.
The most common word is “the”, of course, said 368 times.
The word with most screen time is “you”, at 52.56 seconds.
There are 1695 different words, and 11684 total words.
The longest words are “responsibility,” “malfunctioning”, “worshipfulness”, and “identification”, all 14 letters.

I labeled the words manually (!) using some software I wrote specifically for the purpose.

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