Arpeggio, A Robotic Player Piano System That Flawlessly Plays the Instrument Like a Human


Arpeggio is not a player piano he is a Piano player.

Arpeggio is an amazing delf-driven robotic player piano system developed by Nick Morris of Majestic Pianoworks that performs at a virtuoso level while sitting at the piano, much like a human would. Arpeggio is programmed with a wide range of styles and is able to convey the emotion of a song.

Arpeggio is a Robotic Piano performing system that plays like a human virtuoso pianist. He is capable of aligning himself in front of a piano with precision controlled movement and has the ability to play the keyboard as well and pedals with human touch and emotion. …Arpeggio’s repertoire consists of a broad range of styles, from the classics to jazz and contemporary to just about any style of music available.


Flight of the Bumblebee” as performed by Arpeggio

via The Awesomer