APE 2005 (Alternative Press Expo) Photos

Josh Ellingson

photo by Scott Beale

Last weekend was the always excellent APE (Alternative Press Expo) event in San Francisco. Here are my photos from Friday’s APE Vendor Party which took place at San Francisco’s lengendary undergroud comics publisher Last Gasp.

I also shot these photos on Saturday and Sunday at the actual APE event.

It was great seeing everyone, especially the artists who traveled to San Francisco to be at APE. We gave out a bunch of Laughing Squid stickers, postcards and our new hosting flyer, as well as hooking up people with some Laughing Squid t-shirts.

Next up…Comic-Con in July.

Photo Gallery: APE 2005

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Scott Beale is the founder of Laughing Squid and is based in New York City. When not running the blog, Scott can be found posting on Threads and sharing photos on Instagram.