Mesmerizing Footage Showing Sculptor Anthony Howe Fabricating a Beautifully Intricate Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Artist Anthony Howe, who creates delightful kinetic sculptures that spin, rotate, and otherwise come to life when exposed to wind, virtually invited viewers into his studio on Orcas Island in Washington State to watch him fabricate a new wind sculpture. The footage of Howe working on this beautiful piece quietly is mesmerizing. Howe explains why he doesn’t provide a soundtrack other than music to his videos.

Some folks may wonder why you never hear anything but music on my videos. I do not add the natural sounds in most part because the sculptures make NONE but also because all you would hear is microphone noise caused by the wind. Just ask my neighbors. If you hear noise in a kinetic wind sculpture it is usually the sign of inefficiency and not desirable.

Anthony Howe Fabricates a Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Here’s the finished product.

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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