A Beautiful Tribute to the Fascinating Life Led by the Tragically Late Anthony Bourdain

The New York Times paid beautiful tribute to the fascinating life led by the late world traveling chef, author and media personality Anthony Bourdain. Narrator and Food Editor Julia Moskin tells of a restless spirit who understood that food had a central meaning to life, an enthusiast who didn’t subscribe to any particular dogma because the world was so different from one day to the next and a talented writer who pulled no punches, especially where it counted. The world appears to be an emptier place without Anthony Bourdain in it.

The former chef turned writer and TV host exposed the underbelly of restaurant culture and took viewers on far-flung culinary adventures with biting wit and a worldly outlook.

Also in the wake of Bourdain’s tragic death, Netflix has stated that they have extended their agreement to keep Parts Unknown available for an extended period of time.