Anson Mount Recalls Recording ‘Space…The Final Frontier’ for ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Actors Anson Mount (Christopher Pike) and Rebecca Romijn (Una Chin-Riley) sat down with Moovy TV to talk about the sublime Star Trek prequel Strange New Worlds. During the interview, Mount shared how he recorded the new version of the franchise’s iconic opening monologue “Space…The Final Frontier” as Captain Pike in his Connecticut basement.

We were we were still under lockdown, so what they did is they sent they sent me this box of recording equipment that I could use at home. And so I was in my basement, the technical team operating this box was in New York and the post-production team was in Los Angeles and we were really spending a lot of time on that monologue trying to get it exactly right because you know it’s you got one shot at it. …I said ‘Guys can we just take a moment to realize here that this is we’re going to remember this moment for the rest of our professional lives that that we got to record this monologue?’

Strange New Worlds Anson Mount Monologue

While the memorable recording was happening, William Shatner was in orbit on a Blue Origin spacecraft.

This was while he was in orbit with Jeff Bezos we were recording that monologue. I mean you couldn’t you couldn’t make that up. And it it was it was also a great realization because it took the pressure off of you know. It just told me don’t try to outdo Shatner.

Here’s the opening monologue as recorded by Mount.

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