Annie Owens’ “Terribly Happy” Art Show at Copro Gallery


Our friend Hi-Fructose Magazine co-founder Annie Owens is having a solo art show “Terribly Happy” at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. The show opens on March 19th and runs through April 9th. Nathan Spoor has posted a Hi-Fructose interview with Annie about her new show, including a preview of some of her paintings that will be on display.

When you approach a new piece, do you know what the outcome will be or is it an intuitive or learning process?

It’s both. Watercolor has a life of it’s own. You can’t paint over mistakes or “happy accidents” as they’re sometimes called. I hear I’m supposed to just go with it. I like the look and feel of watercolors but I tend to want more control than the medium wants to give so even though I have a planned out idea, the final outcome is always very different. When I’m really married to an idea sometimes I can’t accept what happens even if other people tell me it looks great – I’ll start all over again. I’ve started certain paintings 2 or 3 times even after having past a mid or finish point. I really want to try oils but I’m going for something with watercolors that I don’t feel I’ve achieved yet so until I do, I’ll keep wrestling with it.