An Animated Guide to Making a Basic Cup of Coffee

In 2016, gaming vlogger Old Game Box put together a very handy animated guide to making a basic but good cup of coffee. He first starts off with the type of beans and the different roasts from which to choose, before moving on to helpful suggestions such as the type of water to use, the preparation styles and the amount of heat required.

So the first way is the most simple one – with a filter. Just place the filter then place the coffee. Don’t compact it or anything just let it rest there. Pre-warm the cup if you can. Let’s get some of that hot water. Place it on the cup let it rest for a couple of seconds …the ideal temperature for getting the best taste from your coffee is right below boiling point. So when the bubbles begin to rush upwards that’s usually the right time…I’m no expert, but I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee.