GIF-ITI, Animated GIF Wall and Building Art by INSA

Hollywood Dooom by INSA and Stanley Donwood

Hollywood Dooom by INSA and Stanley Donwood

UK artist and designer INSA has introduced a digitally animated look to his street art that he calls GIF-ITI. This is where he paints, takes a photo and repaint his wall or building art multiple times to create motion before bringing it to the internet as an animated GIF. The building art animation design titled Hollywood Dooom (seen above) was a commissioned piece for XL Recordings by INSA and Stanley Donwood to celebrate the upcoming debut AMOK album by the Thom Yorke lead band Atoms For Peace. You can view INSA’s design process in the time-lapse video below.

The beauty of INSA’s GIF-ITI is that it only truly lives when viewed online, where these days most street art ends up being viewed, and it exaggerates the ephemeral nature of graffiti as each layer is painted instantly over the last. Mixing retro internet technology and labor intensive painting, INSA creates slices of infinite un-reality, cutting edge art for the Tumblr generation.


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images via Insaland

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