Animals by The Cast of Cheers, Music Video Plays on Array of Old TVs

Band members are displayed across an array of 16 televisions in the music video for “Animals” by The Cast of Cheers. The video’s director, Babysweet, describes a bit of the complex production process:

The concept of the video was based around 16 VCR players and 16 Televisions. Each band member was divided into four and each section was filmed playing back the song. So each member had four videos of themselves playing back the single with the camera fixed on a different part of their body. This footage was then put onto DVD and then transferred onto VHS.

The televisions were then positioned into a stack of 16 and each was connected up to a VCR player. Each VHS was put into its relevant player and rewound to the start. On the day the band and crew all looked after two video players each. Once the camera was rolling there was a countdown for everyone to press play on their VCRS at the right time. As each VCR was different, some had a different reaction and playback time and so this all had to be taken into consideration.

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E.D.W. Lynch
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