Musician Andy McKee Performs ‘Streets of Whiterun’ From Skyrim on a Beautiful Combination Harp Guitar

Musician Andy McKee performed the Skyrim song “Streets of Whiterun” by Jeremy Soule on a gorgeous and unique harp guitar that was crafted by Greenfield Guitars in Montreal. Proprietor Michael Greenfield explained the composition of this beautiful instrument.

My harp guitar has its own, proprietary body shape and many unique features. While inspired by the early 20th century harp guitars, this is truly a contemporary instrument incorporating all of the modern physics and design features found on all of my guitars. …My harp guitar is made of a laminated rim set, with laminated linings and a system of aerospace composite carbon fibre trusses and buttresses. This makes for an extremely rigid and stable skeletal structure. The soundboard is lattice braced. The Laskin style extended arm rest is included, as is a mini-rib rest on the rear of the pointed section of the upper bout.