Imaginative Illustrations Burst Out of Cell Phones to Envelop the Oblivious Person Staring at Their Screen

The very talented illustrator Andrew Rae (previously) has created a hilarious series entitled “Phone Buddies” in which imaginative illustrations burst directly out of cell phones to envelop the person staring at their screen. Rae’s friend Ruskin Kyle captured the original photos of people looking at thier devices.

Rae told My Modern Met that he first imagined the phones as pets, but the phones were too small to capture as such.

I started thinking of the phones as if they’re little pets or creatures and people are tickling their bellies to keep them happy…I mentioned this to my friend Ruskin one day when we were out with our two-year-olds and he liked the idea. …The phones were too small in the shot, and I couldn’t get it to look like the people were holding the little creatures.

So instead, Rae drew creatures, monsters, instruments and clouds that jump out of the phone and into the lives of unsuspecting, oblivious screen-starers

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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