Anderson Cooper Interviews Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey

He was like me and you. He talked about the same things you’d talk about. You know, regular stuff, bro.

CNN journalist and anchor Anderson Cooper interviewed Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey on a recent episode of Anderson Cooper 360° and dug deeper into the story of how the three abducted girls were rescued. Charles sheds a bit more light on how kidnapper and bus driver Ariel Castro acted in day-to-day life and an interaction that he had with Ariel shortly before the girl screamed.

Ramsey had spent time with bus driver Ariel Castro and never suspected what was going on behind closed doors in the house.”He just comes out to his backyard, plays with the dogs, tinkers with his cars and motorcycles, goes back in the house. So he’s somebody you look, then look away. He’s not doing anything but the average stuff. You see what I’m saying? There’s nothing exciting about him. Well, until today,” he said on Monday.

Asked if he considers himself a hero, Ramsey says no. He tells AC360, “I’m a Christian. I’m an American.” If there’s a reward for finding the missing girls, the modest dishwasher wants the money to go to the victims.

video via CNN