An Interactive Modular Kinetic Flip-Disc System

Brooklyn product designers BREAKFAST have created an interactive and modular kinetic flip-disc system that can be easily assembled and installed. The system can display logos, video, and even interact with movement in front of the board itself. Once installed, the flip disc system can be controlled with a paired app. Here’s a video of it in action displaying the Laughing Squid logo.

For companies looking for an alternative to covering another wall in LED screens, the Flip-Disc Display offers a much more engaging alternative. The Flip-Disc Display System is the first kinetic screen that’s been built to be fast and easy, not requiring a team of engineers and developers to get up and running. It’s simple, modular, and customizable for your brand.

Breakfast Flip Disc Modules

Breakfast Flip Disc Colors

Breakfast Flip Disc Animation

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips