An Informative Animation Explaining the Crucial but Often Overlooked Social Aspect of Addiction

An episode of “In a Nutshell” (Kurzgesagt) was made in collaboration with Johann Hari, author of “Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs” and addresses the crucial social aspect of addiction that is often overlooked or disregarded.

We need to think about addiction differently. Human beings have an innate need to bond, and connect. When we are happy and healthy, we will bond with the people around us. But when we can’t – because we’re traumatized, isolated, or beaten down by life – we will bond with something that gives us some sense of relief. A contented person bonds with other people. But when you can’t do that, you will bond with something that gives you some sense of relief. It might be endlessly checking your smart-phone, pornography, gambling or drugs. To fight addiction, we have to rethink our approach.Because the opposite of addiction isn‘t sobriety. The opposite of addiction is social connection.