An Experimental Video Combining Night and Day in New York City

“New York: Night and Day” is an intriguing experimental video in which locations around New York City were filmed in the day and at night, and then digitally combined into day/night composites. The video was created by Philip Stockton, Creative Director of The Barbarian Group.

I traveled around New York City, shooting video of various locations. I ended up with 12 usable locations, ranging from wide rooftop landscapes, to single street corners. I would spend around 4-8 hrs stationary at each location. I would then take the video from day and night, cut it up and combine it back together, to create a mix of night and day in the same shot. Slicing up time is something I am really interested in with video, there is so much information in a given shot, that looking how that changes over time is fascinating to me.

via The Barbarian Group

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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