An Edgar Allan Poe Sweater for Halloween by Archie McPhee

Poe Sweater

To celebrate Halloween, online novelty shop Archie McPhee has released a limited edition Edgar Allan Poe sweater. The sweater features a likeness of Poe against a landscape of dead trees and a gravestone.

Some people prefer Halloween to any other holiday and this Edgar Allan Poe Sweater is for them. You could wear it as a Christmas sweater, but it’s designed to be worn on a brisk autumn evening as you contemplate your own mortality while sitting in a graveyard next to an abandoned church. Featuring an honest, but misguided attempt to accurately capture the likeness of Edgar Allan Poe, this sweater is sure to be a conversation piece with you and your friends as you play with a Ouija board and read poetry from your tear-stained journal. This one-size-fits-most sweater is sausage-casing-tight on a 2XL person and awkwardly loose on a medium frame.

Poe wearing poe sweater

Mustache Poe

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