An Easter Egg Hunt For Adults That Replaces the Eggs With Beer

Easter Beer Hunt!Posted by John Halcyon Styn on Monday, March 14, 2016

John Halcyon Styn, the founder of Hug Nation, has a really creative mom who knows how to keep her children engaged in the family’s annual Easter Egg hunt. Over the years she changed it up a bit but after the hard-boiled eggs, candy filled plastic eggs and cold, hard cash had run their respective courses, Mrs. Styn turned to another treat she knew her kids would find interesting.

She could tell that her kids enthusiasm for the annual easter egg hunt was waning. When hard boiled eggs lost their luster, she introduced candy-filled plastic eggs. As the kids got older she would fill the plastic eggs with coins, and then dollar bills. But when we hit our 20’s, the easter egg magic was gone. One year, after a nice Easter breakfast, Mom announced, “Time for the Easter Hunt!” Jim and I groaned. But our exaggerated disinterest evaporated when Mom produced the baskets. She set out a bunch of empty cardboard 6 pack holders, filled with plastic green grass. “The front yard is filled with micro-brews,” she announced.” “Each of you is responsible for finding 6 beers. There are wine coolers and cans of Ensure for Grandpa. You can trade bottles after the hunt is over.” And so the Easter Beer Hunt was born. And what was a withering tradition gained a new fervor. Now we eagerly await the annual Easter Hunt.

Thanks Tami Ellis Beale!