An Amusing Online Review of the Available Features Found In a Basic Domestic House Cat

Online movie reviewer, video personality and comedian Garcatch stepped away from film critique and used his humorously analytical skills to review a common everyday item – the basic domestic house cat. Using diagrams, projections and photos, Garcatch humorously explained all the available handy features available all models of cat.

Let’s take a look at what we got, the basic house cat. You got a four legs and a tail, some fur, nose – just the typical stuff. But the best thing I would say about design is its size. These things are very portable. You can put them in all kinds of places; cabinets, shopping bags, boxes. They are very easy to ship to other people. Just load them in the box, seal it up and ship it off. Just remember to poke a few air holes in there. If you’re someone who has maybe been interested in adopting lions but may have been intimidated by their immense size and power, then these things can be a very good alternative. They’re much less ferocious as well.

via Know Your Meme

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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