An Amusing Compilation of Songs by The Smiths Reimagined as 8-Bit Arcade Music

Hipster Disco, hardcore fans of all things The Smiths and Morrissey, have amusingly compiled a number of reimagined songs by The Smiths as the 8-bit synthesized music often found in old console video and arcade games.

[Volume One]
1. This charming man by Alan Paz
2. There is a light that never goes out by Leeni (uncredited)
3. William, It was really nothing by godlesswickedvanian
4. Heaven knows I’m miserable now by godlesswickedvanian
5. Please. please, please let me get what i want (unknown)

[Volume Two]
1. The boy with the thorn in his side by godlesswickedvanian
2. You’ve got everything now (unknown)
3. The headmaster ritual by Lynit (uncredited)
4. How soon is now? (edit) by SixSickSix

via Rip It Up