An Amazing MOC LEGO Recreation of the 11th Doctor’s First TARDIS Console Room

11th Doctor's First Console Room

Thorsten Bosch (also known as Xenomurphy) has crafted an amazing MOC LEGO recreation of the 11th Doctor‘s first TARDIS Console Room as it appeared on the first episode of Series 5/Season 31 of Doctor Who. Bosch started the massive project in 2012 and completed it in 2015.

After beginning this project in 2012, I was now, 2015, able to finally finish it. I know I’m a bit late for the anniversary, but time doesn’t matter, at least not when you are a timelord. I created several other MOCs during the 3 years, but never lost interest in building what I think is the most complex and complicated console room ever (honestly, there is not one right angle in it). …By the way, the MOC is almost completely puristic. All I did was cutting parts that are “officially” meant to be cut: Hoses of all kinds and string.

11th Doctor's TARDIS Console Room

11th Doctor's TARDIS Console Room from Above

photos via Xenomurphy

via Brick Brothers