Actress Amy Sedaris Gives a Tour of Her Wonderfully Quirky Greenwich Village NYC Apartment

Actress Amy Sedaris welcomed the cameras of the New York Magazine series The Cut into her quirky Greenwich Village, New York City apartment for a tour. On hand for the tour was Sedaris’ longtime friend, designer Todd Oldham and Tina, Sedaris’ very cute and very destructive rabbit whom she thought was female for a long time. (He’s not.) With pointer in hand, Sedaris showed off the contents of each room in her home, her most treasured items and even the things Tina has destroyed, all described with her trademark sense of humor.

With the help of Todd Oldham, her longtime friend and design collaborator, Sedaris gave us a treasured look into her theatrical one-bedroom home, which she often uses as the inspiration (and source!) for the set design of her show At Home With Amy Sedaris. Watch as Amy takes us down the rabbit hole of her wonderland full of whimsy and charm.