Two Little Hedgehogs Try to Knock Down as Many Pins as They Can in an Adorable Bowling Tournament

A rather athletic hedgehog named Pepper, who previously ran an obstacle course inspired by ‘American Ninja Warrior’, and her little brother Tuck competed against one another in the first tournament of The American Hedgehog Bowling Association. Their human offered a humorous play-by-play recitation of their adorable attempts to knock down as many (foam) pins as they could using only their little bodies.

It’s quarantine day 637 or something like that and a new sport is born…the American Hedgehog Bowling Association…Pepper and Tuck go head to head in 5 frames of nail-biting hedgehog bowling with only one turn per frame so every pin counts.

The American Hedgehog Bowling Association Pepper vs Tuck

American Hedgehog Bowling Association