Amazing Baked Goods Made In the Shape of an Adorable Pug, an Elaborate Unicorn and a Cat with a Litter of Kittens

Pug Loaf

Miss Insomnia Tulip of Lou Lou P’s Delights continues her amazing streak of creative baked goods with the brand new Pug Loaf, a loaf of bread shaped just like the wheezy, brachycephalic dog, which she created in answer to a challenge. Miss Insomnia has also created an elaborately decorated unicorn bun with long eyelashes and a colorful tail and mane, in addition to the sumptuous cat loaf that she created in 2013.

Unicorn Bun

Cat Loaf

Cat and Kittens

Sliced Pugloaf

images via Lou Lou P’s Delights

via Foodiggity