Aloft in the Airship, Our New Zeppelin Neighbor

A Zeppelin at Moffett Field

Live! Zeppelin!

Approach for Landing

Cockpit Crew

View Aft

If you happened to look! Up in the sky! Last weekend! You might have seen a big blimp-like airship drifting over the Golden Gate Bridge around noon on Saturday.

Only, it wasn’t a blimp — it was a rigid-framed dirigible, and a genuine Zeppelin at that. Owned and operated by a local startup called Airship Ventures, the Zeppelin NT will be based at Moffett Field, and it should become a familiar sight in the skies over the Bay Area as the company begins carrying passengers on sightseeing flights.

I went aboard the Zeppelin yesterday for a quick demonstration flight, and it was good clean fun. Here’s my flight report, and here’s a link to lots more photos. Wheeeeee!

photos by Telstar Logistics

Todd Lappin
Todd Lappin