‘All the Lazy Boyfriends’, A New They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song Track Pondering the Habits of Men

For the 16th week of their year-long Dial-A-Song project (previously), the band They Might Be Giants present “All the Lazy Boyfriends,” an amusing song that ponders the perplexingly lethargic habits of men. The accompanying video was directed by brothers Mike and Paul Swiatek, who previously won a TMBG video contest for the song “Am I Awake.” Like the other songs of the project, this track will be featured on the band’s upcoming record, Glean.

push your hands in your pockets. spaced out and sleepless
put yourself on the docket. get ready to go
got a brand new day planner still snug in the wrapper
and the weekly to-do list as white as the snow
so who’s good for nothing?
after you’ve run through your personal time
you still got some Wite-Out
enough to erase all the previous line

did you say out loud that YOU THINK YOU’VE LOST YOUR EDGE?
man, you never lost your edge
all the lazy boyfriends are preparing to change
they’re standing in the kitchen and preparing to change
all the lazy boyfriends are preparing to change

this American splendor spreads out before you
from basements to attics, garages to sheds
who needs a vacation? who needs a direction?
who needs motivation when you live in your head?
so who’s good for nothing?
so hard to finish
there’s nothing to force
you’ve still got some Wite-Out
and all of the girlfriends’ buyers remorse