Airplane Pilot Fakes an In-Flight Emergency Before Asking His Girlfriend to Marry Him

Licensed pilot Anthony Bordignon and his girlfriend Katherine headed out in a two-seater plane this past February for a peaceful flight. While his GoPro camera was recording on the dash, pilot Anthony Bordignon faked an in-flight emergency before asking Katherine to marry him. Love overtook the scary situation and the two ended up getting married near the beach in Vancouver on June 17th. Anthony’s amazing video was a winning selection for the GoPro Awards, which accepts submissions and rewards creators for their best content shot with a GoPro camera.

I met Katherine when she moved across the street from me. We started as neighbors and you could say our relationship skyrocketed from there. We’ve been together for two years, two of the best years of my life, and this February I was determined to start a new chapter with Katherine, as my wife. (read more)