AIR 2015, A Giant Amsterdam Air Show Featuring Hundreds of Drones Organized With the Dutch Royal Airforce

AIR is an upcoming air show featuring hundreds of drones, set for the Amsterdam Arena later in 2015, courtesy of event planners Fjuze and the Dutch Royal Airforce. The event, which promises to be the largest of its kind, according to its organizers, will feature an assortment of UAV-based performances, including racing, dancing and illusions.

In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects. AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones.

Specific details on the event are still forthcoming, though its organizers have created an exciting movie-style trailer.


image via AIR

via UAS Vision, NL Times, The Creators Project