Adventurous Relaxers Set up a Chain of Hammocks Hundreds of Feet in the Air at Highline Meeting Monte Piana in Italy

Highlinemeeting Man Reads Paper in Hammock

26 adventurous relaxers setup a chain of 17 rainbow hammocks hundreds of feet in the air at Highline Meeting Monte Piana 2015 in Monte Piana, Italy. The event was meant as a tribute to peace and friendship above the site that was an active battleground in World War I where 18,000 young soldiers died.

The “Rainbow Warriors” hammock chain was coordinated by Ticket to the Moon and the Highline Meeting founders.

Highlinemeeting Hammock Rainbow

Highlinemeeting Hammock Couple

Highlinemeeting Hammock Saxaphonist

photos via Sebastian Wahlhütter

via My Modern Met