‘AdVenture Capitalist’, A Video Game Where You Spend Money to Earn Money in an Endless Loop

AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a clever video game by developer Hyper Hippo that tasks the player with spending money to earn more money in an endless loop. The whole point of the capitalism-infused, real-time game is to buy more businesses and make more money to then attract angel investors and start the whole process over.

As you gain more money, you can buy other businesses, hire managers to click buttons for you, and buy upgrades to boost your profits even more.

When the game begins to slow down, click on the Investor tab to see how many Angel Investors you’ll receive by resetting and starting over. Angel Investors boost all of your profits, making your fresh start much faster than before!

AdVenture Capitalist is currently available to play via web browser at Kongregate, and is scheduled to eventually release on iOS and Android.