AbleChair, A Versatile Power Wheelchair That Easily Adjusts From Sitting to Standing Using an App

The AbleChair is an incredibly versatile wheelchair that can be adjusted into a number of positions between sitting and standing with a sliding touch on a smartphone app with recallable positions. The chair is designed to help with physical therapy, gait strengthening, and strengthening exercises. The chair has an embedded USB charger and can go up to 4 MPH The most important feature of this chair, however, is the independence that’s offered to the person in the chair.

There are many other reasons that could force a person to use a wheelchair, but the end result is the same, people need to be able to feel comfortable, but most importantly, they need to maintain their independence. It’s essential for the wheelchair to evolve into a better solution for those who wish to have some form of independence. AbleChair is the next step in that evolution. One that is going to give people in wheelchairs a life-changing opportunity.

The company is raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the AbleChair to market.

When you decide to support this project, you will be changing millions of lives once we are able to meet our backing goals! All great things begin with a vision, but they only become a reality when other people are able to see that vision and help it come to fruition.


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