A Tiny Rescued Baby Slow Loris Tentatively Climbs a Tree For the Very First Time

An absolutely adorable rescued infant slow loris named Pasar climbed a tree for the very first time in his life, heartbreakingly calling out to his mother for reassurance. Pasar had been trapped and separated from his mother at only 6-weeks old, to be sold as a pet in a Jakarta animal market. International Animal Rescue in Indonesia stepped in to provide the care that the tiny primate needed so that he might be able to return to the wild someday.

The little loris was snatched from the cool shade of the Indonesian rainforest, stuffed into a small dark box filled with other terrified lorises and transported into the noise, heat and blinding sunlight of an animal market in Jakarta. We don’t know what happened to Pasar’s mother. She is likely to have been caught at the same time as her baby but cruelly kept apart from him so that they could be sold separately Before he was put up for sale Pasar’s tiny canine teeth were filed down by the dealer in the market to make the little creature defenceless. …Although his teeth were filed down by his captors, medical check ups show that, overall, he is in good condition. The vets have been hand feeding Pasar the essential vitamins and minerals that he should still be receiving from his mother.

via The Presurfer