A Tiny One-Day Old Baby Goat Happily Leaps Around on His First Walk With His Mom

An absolutely adorable one-day old goat kid named George happily bounced along during his first walk with his mother at the Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine, celebrating his first day of life. While Arthur, the smallest of the group of kids, showed off his ability to jump onto things.

George (the first goat born at Sunflower Farm this spring) is not even 24 hours old and is already a leaping expert. On his first walk outside with his mom May, he leapt the whole way! Why walk when you can SPRING! Gotta love the enthusiasm of baby goats! …So far this season we have had 12 goat kids born at Sunflower Farm. Arthur is the littlest buckling but the first to master the trick of jumping up onto the bail of shavings! He is 4 days old and has two siblings! As rare no-cull dairy farm every goat at Sunflower Farm lives out their full lives as a dairy goat or pet goat. When we sell goats, we sell them in pairs to families who often commit a year in advance, so we know they all go to homes where people will love them as much as we do.