A Surreal Digital Experience That Allows Users to Speak With a Simulated Version of Themselves 20 Years in the Future

European telecommunications company Orange partnered with Paris-based advertising agency Publicis Conseil and Toronto-based digital design agency Jam3 to create a surreal digital experience that allows users to speak with a simulated version of themselves 20 years in the future. The result, which is part of Orange’s 20th anniversary #futureself campaign, uses a combination of aging simulation and 3D rendering technologies to essentially allow folks to question their future selves.

Faceshift (facial motion capture software) was used on live actors and enabled us to track and replicate facial muscle movement. Then using a combination of 3D rendering, aging simulation browser technologies like Google’s speech API and WebGL, a ‘living’ speaking version of your future self appears, ready to have a conversation with your curious present self via webcam.

Fast Company’s Co.Create has more about the project.

via Product Hunt