A Season In Hell, A New Podcast by John Hell

San Francisco Liberation Radio

photo by Scott Beale

A Season In Hell is the new podcast by my good friend John Hell, veteran DJ of KFJC and San Francisco Liberation Radio, co-founder of Radio Free Burning Man, host of Chicken John’s Lost Vegas and co-announcer of the Power Tool Drag Races.

As a former DJ at KFJC I was schooled in the finer art of what is truly considered to be alternative to the mainstream. My goal is to upload at least once a week. Like any fine art, it’ll take me a few weeks to get in the groove, but once I do, I’m hoping this show will taste like a fine wine: full bodied, with a lasting impression, that you’ll go back to time and again.

He currently has 5 episodes online, the most recent episode (#5) features a profile on a great up-and-coming San Francisco band Pebble Theory, which is having a CD release party for their new album “Air” on May 26th at Bottom of the Hill.

John Hell is blogging as well. Check him out over on SF Free Radio.