A Programmable Smart Mannequin That Robotically Adjusts to a Wide Range of Body Measurements

Staff and students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing created the iDummy, a smart mannequin that quickly changes to a large range of different clothing sizes and shapes with a “user-friendly GUI” computer program. The project was led by Dr Allan Chan Chee-kooi, who gathered worldwide measurement data using a 3D body scanner. The information was then input into the iDummy OS to create universal sizing abilities. iDummy was acquired by Winswin Technology, who is now marketing the mannequin.

i.Dummy, revolutionary physical fitting avatar enabling users to adjust and achieve over hundreds of human body measurements and shapes with just few clicks on computer. All sizes can be achieved by just one i.Dummy. With the operation of our user-friendly GUI, all sizes with in ranges can be imitated in just fews seconds. i.Dummy becomes a brand new instant fitting platforms for garment developers and technicians. …Applying advanced mechatronics technology as the platform of mannequin development, Dr Allan Chan and his team members collected massive anthropometric data from worldwide population, as well as actual body scales from 3D Body Scanner, to create I.DUMMY’s universal body scales and sizes

via Prosthetic Knowledge