A Preview of the Artwork Featured in Volume 36 of ‘Hi-Fructose: The New Contemporary Art Magazine’

Kehinde Wiley

Volume 36 of Hi-Fructose: The New Contemporary Art Magazine has recently been announced and it will be filled with inspirational artwork created by contemporary artists from around the world. Kehinde Wiley, a skilled Brooklyn-based visual artist, will be featured on the cover of the upcoming issue. Volume 36 of the quarterly art publication is currently available to pre-order online and is scheduled to ship in July 2015.

Our 36th volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in July! Featured in our next print issue is: a major feature on art pioneer Robert Williams, the colorful installations of pip & pop, a review of cover artist Kehinde Wiley’s new monograph, Erin M. Riley’s embroidered selfies, Chiho Aoshima’s solo exhibition in Seattle, Cinta Vidal Agullo’s mesmerizing paintings, new works from Portland artist Blaine Fontana, the paintings of Mike Davis, a thought provoking article on the art and travels of street artist Swoon, plus reviews on the Sick Rose; featuring medical illustrations from tester-year and much more! Also, We’re thrilled to present this issue’s special 16-page insert section featuring Winnie Truong’s beautifully strange color pencil drawings, all in one issue!

Chiho Aoshima

pip & pop

Winnie Truong

Mike Davis


images via Hi-Fructose Magazine

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