A Pizza Delivery Box Made Entirely Out of Pizza

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, known for their incredibly inventive pizza slice made out of tinier pizza slices, is doing their part to help save the environment with their new pizza delivery box that’s made completely out of pizza. Although a bit pricy, it’s both delicious and biodegradable. Truly environmentally friendly. Proprietor Sean Berthiaume explained how he came up with the idea in an interview with PIX11.

…he came up with the idea right before the lunch rush when business at the restaurant was slow. Out of pure boredom, he decided to experiment and thought about how he was tired of seeing people eat their pizza out of a cardboard box, then throwing the greasy carton away. What a waste! Berthiaume said he thought about an edible box — a pure, delicious, square pie that not only served as a box, but food that you can eat and won’t waste (if you don’t throw it away).

via PIX11, Neatorama