A Pair of LEGO Powered Self Lacing Sneakers

Industrial designer Vimal Patel has built a pair of LEGO-powered self-lacing sneakers similar to the iconic sneakers worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. The design makes use of LEGO Technic parts to tighten the sneaker’s laces automatically.

This was a quick experiment into combining LEGO with other materials. To build on the shoe, I used a dremel and a hot glue gun to fix a few LEGO connection points. From there, it was straightforward to experiment with different designs and test their functionality. It works reasonably well, but I’m sure it can be done much better with a bit of effort.

Nike created a limited edition of the Nike Mag sneakers seen in the film in 2016.

via New Atlas, Sploid

Glen Tickle
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