A Ninja Garden Gnome With Solar-Powered Eyes

Ninja Gnome

Firebox has released a Ninja Gnome into the wild that comes equipped with solar-powered eyes to keep any pathways and gardens illuminated and safe at night. The “deadly assassin” garden gnome is currently available to purchase online.

Protect your plants and patio safe from unwanted intruders and garden pests with this deadly assassin. Dressed from head to toe in black and wielding a samurai sword; he despatches slugs, squirrels and burglars with ruthless feudal Japanese efficiency.

When night falls, his eyes light up to strike fear into peoples hearts and illuminate your garden pathways with a gentle white glow. Doesn’t actually kill animals, humans or insects.

Please Note: Doesn’t actually kill animals, humans or insects.

Ninja Gnome

images via Firebox