Engineers Feverishly Work to Build a Robotic Dog for an Overbearing Boss in the Animated Short ‘A Model Dog’

In the animated short “A Model Dog” by illustrator Joel Plosz, a team of two engineers work feverishly behind the scenes to build a robotic canine in response to a demand made by an overbearing boss who is concerned about his father’s wellbeing once the dog has passed. Things change when an event occurs in the wrong order, leaving the engineers to scramble yet again.

In this animated adaptation, an overbearing CEO demands that his employees engineer a solution to his dad’s aging dog.

The film is based upon a short story of the same name by writer John Scalzi for The Verge series Better Worlds, a “science fiction project about hope”.

Contemporary science fiction often feels fixated on a sort of pessimism that peers into the world of tomorrow and sees the apocalypse looming more often than not. At a time when simply reading the news is an exercise in exhaustion, anxiety, and fear, it’s no surprise that so many of our tales about the future are dark amplifications of the greatest terrors of the present. But now more than ever, we also need the reverse: stories that inspire hope.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips