A Little Book of Sloth, Photographic Picture Book of Baby Sloths

Authored by filmmaker Lucy Cooke (Meet the Sloths), A Little Book of Sloth is a photographic picture book of adorable baby sloths from the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. The book is due out March 5, 2013 but pre-orders are being taken now at Amazon. A percentage of sales will go towards saving sloths.

…Hang around just like a sloth and get to know the delightful residents of the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, the world’s largest sloth orphanage. You’ll fall in love with bad-boy Mateo, ooh and ahh over baby Biscuit, and want to wrap your arms around champion cuddle buddy Ubu!

From British filmmaker and sloth expert Lucy Cooke comes a hilarious, heart-melting photographic picture book starring the laziest—and one of the cutest—animals on the planet.


via Tastefully Offensive

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff