A LEGO Stop-Motion Remake of Ghostbusters

Los Angeles editor, director, and father Paul Hollingsworth and his Digital Wizards Studios crew spent over 2,000 hours and $100,000 worth of LEGO bricks to create an epic stop-motion animated remake of the original Ghostbusters film from 1984.

Fun facts:

1) Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is played by my 10yr old daughter- Hailee
2) Features 5 of the most valuable LEGO produced (Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Mr. Gold)
3) Even our wives help out- by voicing characters
4) One hundred and forty different mini figs are in the largest city scene
5) The opening shot took 12 hrs to setup and 6 hrs to animate

via The Brothers Brick

Justin Page
Justin Page

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