A Humorous Ad That Uses Statistics to Show What a Working Woman’s Morning Is Really Like

In a video from their “Real Morning Report” campaign for their new breakfast replacement shake, Organic Valley compares and contrasts the idyllic morning often portrayed in commercials with the reality of what actually happens, using statistics from 1,000 women surveyed to prove their point.

Like most women in commercials, I love to start each day doing yoga in my underwear or journaling in my journaling nook …According the science most professional women don’t have time for any of that. Not that we need research to prove it, but there’s research to prove it. 57% of us are up before the sun is up. 21% of us check our work email before even getting out of bed. …9% of women cite dry shampoo as one of the greatest inventions of the twenty first century. …33% of us never make our bed, like ever. 21% of us have used an article of clothing to camouflage a stain. …Only 16% of women would describe their morning with the hashtag: #blessed and that seems kinda high. 58% of women will swear at someone or something this morning.

via Chelsa Crowley